GadgetTrak Advanced Laptop Anti-Theft Software: Privacy-Safe Theft Recovery

Since GadgetTrak was founded in 2007 we have been tracking down stolen devices for our customers and protecting their data with our innovative and patented tracking and data protection technology. We are the first and only cross-platform software that tracks the location of devices using Wi-Fi networks combined with web camera captures of thieves. These are just a few of the stories, not only have we recovered stolen devices for our customers, but have assisted law enforcement in solving other crimes including finding other stolen property, car theft, drugs and even broken up organized crime rings. We work with our customers and the police to recover devices, you should never attempt to recover a device on your own, if you require assistance or want to tell us your story please contact us.

May 2008
Beaverton, Oregon
Recovered lost iPod Nano for Mario Xavier in 24 hours