GadgetTrak Mobile Security Anti-Theft & Data Protection

GadgetTrak Mobile Security for BlackBerry

To many business users their BlackBerry® is their lifeline, containing all of their business contacts and other important information. What if your BlackBerry was lost or stolen? GadgetTrak BlackBerry is the most advanced theft recovery and data protection software available for the BlackBerry platform. GadgetTrak® Mobile Security enables full control of your device and data in the event of theft:

  • Remotely wipe the device & media card

    Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device without requiring BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Backup contacts

    Send all of your contacts to another phone before wiping the device
  • SMS notification on SIM change

    Sends an new number assigned to the phone to a predefined recipient
  • Lock device & signal an alarm

    Remotely lock the device and signal an alarm the thief cannot disable
  • GPS & Cell based device tracking

    Send a remote command to have current device location sent to you
  • Tamper proof

    Password protected configuration
  • Send a message to thief

    Remotely send a custom message that appears on the screen
  • Remote call back

    Remotely initiate a call to the number of your choice

Data Wipe, Lock & Alarm & More

GadgetTrak® Mobile Security provides multiple layers of security to your smartphone in the event that it is lost or stolen. If your phone is lost or stolen our software enables you to send a remote SMS or email message to your phone which will wipe all sensitive information from the device. If you believe the phone has been stolen and the thief is still in the area, you can send an SMS or email message to the device to lock the device up and signal an alarm that the thief cannot turn off.

Unauthorized SIM Detection & Alerts

Additional security measures are triggered when the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) in your phone is replaced with an unauthorized one. GadgetTrak Mobile Security will silently send SMS messages) to pre-defined contacts with the new number assigned to the device, allowing you to continue sending remote commands to wipe the device.

If the device has GPS it will utilize this to get the specific location of the device1, if no GPS is available it will triangulate location from cell towers. With this information you can contact the person who has your phone in the event it was simply "lost," or contact law enforcement with the details who can follow up with the service provider to get locate the phone.

Supported BlackBerry Devices

Pearl Curve 8800 Series 8700 Series

Operating System: BlackBerry 4.2 and above(Java)

Requirements: GSM network: Example: T-Mobile, AT&T

Note: CDMA networks such as Verizon and Sprint are not supported.

Multiple SIM: You can add an unlimited number of SIM cards.

Password Protection: To make changes to the application a password is required.

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