What happens between you and your Mac stays between you and your Mac.

No Backdoors

Unlike some theft recovery solutions, GadgetTrak Mac does not rely on a backdoor into your system, or a monitoring center where people have access to your web camera and location. You should never trust any company with a backdoor into your computer system, or direct access to your camera, not even us.

These backdoors can give monitoring centers access to files on your system, allow them to install software such as key loggers, as well as the ability to remotely activate your web camera and view your images, or even video. The company can also track your location and images from your camera are sent to their servers. Some of these companies also have a record of serious security holes that have put their customers' at serious risk.

Tinfoil Hats Required

At GadgetTrak tinfoil hats are part of our dress code. This is why we designed GadgetTrak Mac differently. Our software is designed to have all images, network and location data sent directly to you from your computer system. What happens between you and your Mac, stays between you and your Mac.

Advanced Technology That Isn't Scary

We removed the middle-man and applied newer technologies which makes our patent-pending approach more effective than these older more invasive methods. When you remotely activate GadgetTrak Mac, in addition to IP address and network information, it empowers your Mac to tell you its location with 10-20 meters of accuracy, using the same advanced Wi-Fi positioning technology available in the iPhone and iPod Touch.

GadgetTrak Mac also utilizes the built-in iSight camera to capture images of the thief. But, don’t worry, instead of sending your images to our servers, the data gets sent directly to your email and Flickr account (with all images set to private by default). We never have access to the camera or any images, or your location and no tracking data is stored in our databases.

Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean They're Not Tracking You

But don’t just take our word for it, if you are looking at another theft recovery solution, ask them how they recover your device and what data they collect about you, your location and where any images are stored. If they talk about covert “recovery teams” or proprietary cloak and dagger recovery methods they are not telling you the whole story. At GadgetTrak you can even test the software by remotely activating it, so you know it is working and you know what data is collected.

Secure Data Center

GadgetTrak's data center is in a highly secured tier 4 facility, including on-site armed security around-the-clock, along with alarm system and security cameras that are on all perimeter points of ingress/egress to the building. Bulletproof security station and shipping/receiving areas with a Biometric security system are also in place.