GadgetTrak Mac : Frequently Asked Questions


My Mac was stolen, but I did not have your software installled, can you still find it?

Unfortunately no, devices cannot be tracked unless they have our software installed on them prior to their theft. The best thing to do is file a police report and include the device serial number. We also recommend registering the device with sites such as and

Can I use GadgetTrak Mac with Little Snitch or similar software?

Yes. When testing the software for the first time, Little Snitch will ask you what to do with regards to application permissions when connecting to Flickr. Simply select "allow connections forever" and you are all set, any future connections will automatically be granted.

Can the software be removed by a thief?

GadgetTrak Mac utilizes the Mac OS X security framework so the administrative password is required for removal. Any modifications to the software also requires the admin password.

For additional securty it is recommended that a firmware password be set on your system for low level security to keep the drive from being reformatted is set if you have not already done so. For Mac OS X 10.5.x, start from the Leopard Install DVD and choose Firmware Password Utility from the Utilities menu. Click to select the checkbox for "Require password to change Open Firmware settings", as shown below.

- Type your password in the Password and Verify fields.
- Click OK. A confirmation appears.
- Click lock icon to prevent further changes.
- Choose Quit from the application menu.

What if images are coming through to Flickr, but not my email?

This is a sign that the outgoing email server is not setup correctly, please double check that the information is correct. We highly recommend setting up a Gmail account specifically for receiving your alerts. We do not recommend using a .Mac/MobileMe account as the email will be delivered to your system and may tip a thief off that they are being tracked.

What if images and data are coming through to my email, but not my Flickr account?

The most common cause of this is that you did not click on the "Authenticate" button after logging into the Flickr web interface and enabling access. This is an important step as this will instruct the software to communicate with Flickr and download a token to the system so that it can automatically upload images without requiring future logins. This method is also quite secure as the software will not need to store your Flickr username and password anywhere on the system.