GadgetTrak Advanced Laptop Anti-Theft Software: Privacy-Safe Theft Recovery

GadgetTrak Laptop Security

Think about the things you have on your laptop right now: Countless photos, financial records, software, music, videos, etc. The hefty price tag on your laptop is probably dwarfed by the value of the information on it.

The really scary part is that according to the FBI, 1 in 10 laptops purchased today will be stolen within the next 12 months. Sadly, only 3% will be returned.

GadgetTrak dramatically increases the likelihood of finding your laptop, by pinpointing its location, and even sending a photo of thief.

Locate & Find

  • Wi-Fi positioning

    Using Wi-Fi positioning technology, GadgetTrak can pinpoint your laptop's location, usually within a few meters!
  • Webcam support

    Snap a photo of the thief to collect crucial evidence that the police can use to get your laptop back.

Recovery Assistance & Reporting

  • Integrated police reports

    File a police report online with over 150 police departments across the United States.
  • Documented recoveries

    With our high recovery rates we have a history working with and assisting law enforcement.

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  • Tamper proof

    Once tracking is activated the software settings cannot be modified unless deactivated.
  • Secure data center

    GadgetTrak's data center is in a highly secured tier 4 facility, including on-site armed security around-the-clock.

Privacy Safe

  • Only you can access your location reports and web camera.

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  • All images, network information, and location data are sent directly to you from your computer system.

  • Windows XP or higher
  • Webcam