GadgetTrak Advanced Laptop Anti-Theft Software: Privacy-Safe Theft Recovery

GadgetTrak iOS Security

With all of the photos, contacts, apps and music on your iPhone, losing it would be a massive pain. Unfortunately, that pain is felt by thousands of smartphone users every day. Ask them — they wish they'd had GadgetTrak installed.

With GadgetTrak, you greatly increase your chances of recovering your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch by having the ability to track your device and even snap a photo of the thief!

Locate & Find

  • Advanced hybrid positioning

    We use a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell tower triangulation to pinpoint location
  • Camera support

    Snap a photo with all built-in cameras to collect crucial evidence to help catch the thief.

  • Push notifications

    Send a discrete message to your device enticing the thief to initiate a tracking report.
  • Location Reports

    When tracking occurs, you'll receive an email with detailed information about its current location.


  • Tamper proof

    Once tracking is activated the software settings cannot be modified unless deactivated.
  • Secure connection

    When tracking data is being transmitted from your device, a secure SSL connection is used.

Privacy Safe

  • Only you can access your location reports and camera.
  • All images, network information, and location data are sent directly to you from your device.

  • Capture images of the thief with the front and rear facing cameras!
  • See all of your Macs, PCs, and iOS devices on a single map.
  • Historical Tracking not only shows where your device is, it shows where it's been
  • Ensure your privacy by turning tracking off, even remotely.
  • Keep track of your device by enabling tracking from any web browser.
  • Simple, straight-forward setup.
  • Requires iOS 4 or higher
  • Background processing only supported on iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod touch 3rd generation or newer

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