Resellers & Retail

GadgetTrak offers several options to retailers and resellers. GadgetTrak products are available as traditional boxed software as well as "Bundle Cards".

Consumers are becoming increasingly comfortable downloading applications without the need for CDs and packaging. To accommodate this transition, we offer GadgetTrak Bundle Cards. Each card contains a unique license key and simple instructions for customers to set up GadgetTrak on their device.

Boxed software and Bundle Cards can be sold individually, but are often bundled with additional services. Select resellers are bundling GadgetTrak with extended warranty plans and value-added services, such as AppleCare. The Mac Store, for example, is bundling GadgetTrak with their iCare plan, which offers several valuable features for new Mac buyers.

Bundling with GadgetTrak has helped retailers increase their sales and attach rates of value-added services, as well as increase their customer loyalty.