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How GadgetTrak Built NSA Proof Backup
Monday, April 7, 2014

With all of the recent media regarding NSA snooping on the world’s internet activities, it is an opportunity for us here at GadgetTrak to say “we told you so”. When we built our backup service for Android devices we were rather paranoid with regards to how we would go about storing customer information such as photos and contacts in the most privacy safe way we could.

The best way to secure customer data in the cloud is to not store it at all. Next, if you are going to store information in the cloud do it in a way that not even your administrators can access it, or anyone in the company for that matter. We did this by providing a “privacy key” that the customer enters when they setup their device, this encrypts all of their data before it is even transmitted to our remote servers. The data then sits on our secure servers encrypted.

The data is encrypted in transit and at rest. If the NSA or someone tried to snoop on the connection, or if the customer uses insecure wi-fi the data is still encrypted across the Internet. If the NSA or other government body asks us for the information they would get an encrypted blob. The agency would have to get the key to decrypt the data from the customer as it is not stored anywhere on our servers, only the customer knows it.

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