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GadgetTrak Unveils Theft Ring In Mississippi & Alabama
Sunday, March 31, 2013

A GadgetTrak customer had his iMac stolen along with other possessions during a house burglary in Mobile, Alabama. GadgetTrak software was activated and within a few days the device was tracked to a trailer park in Moss Point, Mississippi and sending back photos and other information that was provided to law enforcement. To verify location GadgetTrak worked with law enforcement to file a subpoena with AT&T to get specific address connected with the IP address the software was sending back.

Once the address was confirmed, the police went to the location and not only recovered GadgetTrak’s customer’s iMac, but also stolen property from at least four other homes. A gun that was stolen during the burglary was not present, but the police were able to identify who had it, as well as others involved and over the course of several days additional arrests have been made.

This is not the first time that GadgetTrak software has led to unveiling of theft rings. Law enforcement appreciate the data that GadgetTrak software provides because in many cases the stolen device is a trojan horse into a larger theft ring, or the discovery other crimes.

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