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GadgetTrak Tracks Stolen Macbook From Kansas to Mexico….and Back
Tuesday, December 4, 2012

When Jeff B. purchased a brand new MacBook Pro for his daughter who was heading off to college, he installed GadgetTrak on it “just in case”. He had no idea the journey the laptop was about to take and that GadgetTrak would document the journey. Shortly after the purchase of the laptop in October of last year it was stolen from his daughter’s apartment in Lenexa, KS. The thief took the laptop and some, but left behind his fingerprints from which the police identified the perpetrator who has been on the run from police for quite some time.

Jeff logged into his GadgetTrak account, activated tracking and waited as the trap was set. There were no connections until four months later when in January, Jeff started receiving tracking reports, from Leon, Mexico, a small town 200 miles Northwest of Mexico City. The photos were not of the known thief, but a young lady.

Jeff contacted the detective in Kansas City who handled the case to see what could be done to recover the laptop in Mexico. He was told there was little that could be done at this time due to the Mac being physically located outside the US borders. So Jeff left tracking on and waited while he continued to receive reports from the device. The stolen MacBook still had his daughter’s username and apparently the new owner did not know how to change it. She brought the computer into the local Mac Store in Leon where GadgetTrak captured several photos of the technician assisting her and a new account was created with her name. Now Jeff had the full name of the person who had possession of the Mac.

Finally Jeff’s patience paid off last month when the location of the device appeared back in Kansas City. The photos show that it was the same person who had it in Mexico, but appeared to be visiting someone in Kansas City over the Thanksgiving holiday. Jeff contacted the detective again that had worked the case and he sent a team of officers to the scene. The serial numbers matched and the laptop was successfully recovered. The unsuspecting young lady who had purchased the ‘used Mac’ had no idea GadgetTrak was installed and monitoring. She told the detective that she purchased the laptop from someone for 600 peso (roughly $46), a pretty good deal for a one month old MacBook Pro.

This was not a quick recovery due to the international nature of the theft and sale, but it was returned to the rightful owner, after 414 days and 2,650 tracking reports later.

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