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GadgetTrak Recovers Computer Stolen By Delivery Driver – Cardiff, Wales
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A medical technology e-learning company in Cardiff, Wales has recovered a SONY VAIO all-in-one desktop thanks to GadgetTrak. A delivery driver decided to steal it as an early Christmas present to himself. The system was being shipped to the company by a client after they were not able to troubleshoot an issue after logging in remotely to the system from their office. The machine never showed up so they contacted the delivery service to check in and they were told that the devices was “lost”.

But that same day they notice that the machine goes online and that they are able to access the device remotely, so they installed GadgetTrak and activated immediately and were started getting location data and snapshots of the delivery driver. The information was provided to the police who were happy to receive a pile of evidence regarding the case including the location and photo of the thief. The police recovered the computer at an apartment complex in Cardiff and the delivery driver confessed to the crime. The computer is now in police custody and is being returned to its rightful owner this week….just in time for Christmas.

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