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GadgetTrak Recovers Stolen Laptops & Unveils Identity Theft Ring – Phoenix, Arizona
Thursday, June 21, 2012

A mortgage company based in Phoenix, Arizona purchased a business pack and installed GadgetTrak on all of the firm’s computers. Two weeks ago their offices were hit and multiple laptops were stolen, along with customer files and other property. Thanks to GadgetTrak one of the computers started sending back location data and photos of one of the suspects almost immediately. The police were able to move in quickly and recover the device and arrest one of the suspects. After a few more days another device started sending back information, the police moved in to recover the device and it ended up being the leader of an identity theft ring. In addition to the laptop many of the customer files stolen during the burglary and drugs were discovered.

This case like many we deal with involved methamphetamine, something we have learned is a key influencer to the rate of property crimes. When we see cases like this we believe it is a tragedy, people who would not normally be involved in criminal activity are driven by addiction and desperation. Laptops, mobile phones and other devices are often targets for meth users as they can easily be sold or directly traded for meth and identity theft is also an easy way to get money quickly for the drug. We have made another donation to The Meth Project, as we believe it is a great organization providing a great service educating people particularly kids about the dangers of meth use. Our goal is to help prevent theft and keep our customers devices and data safe and this is just another way to accomplish this mission.

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