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Camera Stolen During Brazen Craigslist Theft Tracked By CameraTrace
Tuesday, March 27, 2012

In June of 2010 Eric posted items for sale on Craigslist before his move from Virginia to California. One of these items was his Canon EOS 7D. Shortly after posting someone called to to take a look at the camera and an appointment was made to meet at his home. He pulled the camera bag out which housed the camera and lenses and was opening it when the potential buyer snatched the bag from his hands and ran. Eric chased after him, but the thief jumped in a car where a driver was waiting and sped off.

A police report was filed with Detective J. S. Turner of the Fairfax County Police Department. They tried tracing the phone number that the thief had called from, but it mapped to a pre-paid SIM card. They tried tracking the IP address from the emails but that led them nowhere as well. Eric gave up and continued with his move believing he would never see his camera again. Then he heard about CameraTrace, he searched his stolen camera’s serial number and found several photos that were taken just weeks after it was stolen, posted on Flickr.

The photos were of a couple driving and smoking marijuana while driving in their car, apparently on their way to a concert. The Flickr profile provided additional information, we assisted police by providing additional information on the suspect including phone numbers, addresses, social media profiles and several other photos of the suspect including photos of him holding a gun and more photos of illegal drugs. We also found more photos taken by the suspect with several other cameras which were also provided to Fairfax County Police Department.

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