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GadgetTrak Recovers Phone Stolen From Wireless Store In 2 Hours
Monday, February 20, 2012

Yesterday a Sprint store in Grants Pass, Oregon had a display Samsung Epic 4G phone stolen. The device was removed from the secure cradle with a special tool, the surveillance video showed a suspect who had hit their store before, but this time they had another weapon in their arsenal. GadgetTrak Mobile Security is installed on all of the store’s demo units.

Immediately after staff realized the phone was stolen they activated GadgetTrak before they called police. Once activated we tracked the perpetrator to an Applebees nearby. The police moved in, once they pulled into the Applebees parking lot, the perpetrator ran leaving the newly purloined phone behind.

The police are still investigating the theft and now know who the thief is. The entire recovery took less than 2 hours from theft to recovery thanks to GadgetTrak Mobile Security, which is a new record for us. The Sprint store was able to act quickly, enabling tracking themselves and were able to provide the GPS coordinates to police over the phone as they changed.

The fact that GadgetTrak provides actionable intelligence right when the crime takes place has proven to be a significant factor in the recovery process. We are able to provide police with information immediately without requiring search warrants, or subpoena’s which in this case would have caused significant delay with today being President’s Day the process would not have started until tomorrow after which the phone would be long gone.

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