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GadgetTrak Featured in Forbes
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

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GadgetTrak was featured in this month’s Forbes Magazine, along with a great photo of our founder and CEO Ken Westin. The article “To Shame A Thief” by Kashmir Hill discusses the growing market for software such as GadgetTrak as well as the privacy risks this technology can introduce if not implemented properly. The article shows how the technology can be helpful to recover stolen devices using one of our latest recoveries as an example where we recovered several stolen phones for a Sprint store.

The more negative stories where this type of technology has been implemented irresponsibly dealt with one of our competitors who provide their employees with backdoors into customers’ computers. This is something we always felt was highly invasive and not needed when we can rely on other more advanced methods such as Wi-Fi positioning and web camera capture to locate the device and identify the suspect.

Although GadgetTrak does not have the largest number of customers, we believe we provide a better level of service for customers who are concerned about their privacy and security. GadgetTrak is one of the only products in our space who cover every major platform for laptops and smartphones, as well as allow users full control of their data, how it is used, stored and delivered.

GadgetTrak Recovers Stolen MacBook Pro in Olympia, Washington
Friday, October 7, 2011

GadgetTrak customer Jessie had just purchased a brand new MacBook Pro just a few weeks ago at The Mac Store. The sales representatives recommended GadgetTrak and her father insisted that she buy and install it. It was a good thing she did, because just last week the new Mac was stolen out of her car. She logged and activated tracking for the device immediately and filed a police report through GadgetTrak, shortly thereafter the device started sending photos of the thieft and other information back to her. She passed the photos on to the police and they knew who the thief was, as he has a bit of a record. The police went and recovered the laptop and Jessie now has it back in her possession, we received a great email from her thanking us:

“I got my computer back!!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough. I am literally doing a dance! I know for a fact I wouldn’t have got my computer back without GadgetTrak. You guys are an unbelievable resource. I have already told all my friends to go get GadgetTrak. Thank you so much!”

- Jessie

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