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New Feature: Integrated Police Reports
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We’re excited to announce a key new feature added to our theft recovery arsenal to assist you in the recovery of your devices!

In order for police to respond to the evidence we provide, they require the device owner to file a police report. We’ve found, however, that people often don’t realize this or don’t have the time to go to the police station to report a stolen device…

Introducing Integrated Police Report Filing

We have now integrated online police reporting for 150+ agencies in the United States that provide it. This tool allows you to easily fill out a police report for your lost/stolen device and activate location tracking for it all at the same time.

Through our close collaboration with police on several recoveries we know just how important it is to partner with police and follow their procedures. With this latest feature, we have made reporting easier for customers to provide law enforcement with the information they need to act quickly on the evidence we provide.

How It Works

Once you’ve activated tracking for the missing device from the web control panel, you’re ready to file your police report online:

Step 1: You will first click your state and choose your local police department:
Choose your local police department

Step 2: You’ll then be guided through a step-by-step process to provide the details of the device and the theft/loss to file your police report:file police report

Step 3: Fill out our contact form to notify us of the theft and case number.

It is critical to work with us and law enforcement to help recover your device. This keeps you safe and allows police to do what they do best, solve crimes. Many times, our recoveries lead police to uncover other crimes of stolen property, stolen cars, and even organized crime.

This feature is available now and no upgrade to the client software is required.

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