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GadgetTrak Laptop Recovery – Richmond, CA
Saturday, May 7, 2011

When St. Mary’s College student Michael Kuzmack lost his laptop last semester just before finals, he was crushed. But then he remembered he had software on it – called GadgetTrak – that enabled him to catch the crook. When the thief finally turned it on, the laptop’s camera immediately took a photo of the suspect.

“I was really angry, but then I was thankful that I had indeed installed GadgetTrak … and I got all this information and the chances of recovering the laptop were really good.”

The software also pinpointed his exact address in Richmond. And transmitted the information to Michael’s email. Moraga police were able to zero in, make an arrest, and recover his laptop.

“We’re able to find a GPS coordinate of where the particular person is, get a search warrant, and we’re able to retrieve that laptop, so we’ve had really great successes with some of these products,” says Mary Kusmiss of the Berkeley police department.

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