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GadgetTrak Laptop Recovery – Portland, Oregon
Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We have successfully recovered yet another stolen laptop in our hometown of Portland, Oregon. The laptop was stolen from a residence on New Year’s Eve during a burglary in SE Portland. The owner had installed GadgetTrak on the device and activated tracking, shortly thereafter the software sent a photo of the person in possession of the stolen device, as well as location and network information that helped lead to the recovery and return to its rightful owner.

We have had a number of successful recoveries in our home state and working with the Portland Police has been a critical factor to our success, the responsiveness and increasing knowledge of our software has played a huge factor in these successful recoveries. Thanks to our software and great detective work by the Portland Police we have not only recovered devices for our customers, but also unveiled a whole slew of other crimes, from larger theft rings, identify theft and drugs. The feedback we have received from law enforcement and our customers in these recoveries has also played a significant role in the development of more advanced solutions to recover devices and protect data.

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