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The Accidental Data Breach – Mobile Insecurity
Saturday, January 22, 2011

This past week was a wake up call to consumers regarding mobile security and privacy, with the data breach of Trapster which is said to have affected their 10 million users. The company responded quickly telling users to change their passwords, particularly if the password they used on the site is used elsewhere. The key issue here appears that the passwords were left unencrypted in the database. Like the recent Gawker data breach, Trapster failed to use a one-way hash to secure the passwords. Particularly in the mobile space we are seeing developers focus on “speed” to get their products to market vs. taking time to ensure their systems follow security best practices, putting their customers’ data at risk.

This is also very true in the world of mobile security, where some of our biggest and even well-funded competitors are providing backup but fail to encrypt it. You can log into their control panel to see all of your contacts and photos. While convenient, this means that their staff can as well. Of course, if their systems are compromised, a hacker can get access to this data as well. GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 is the only mobile security application for Android and Blackberry that encrypts data on the phone using a privacy key that only you know before it is uploaded this data is only decrypted when you download the data and enter your privacy key. This method ensures that not even our staff can view your contacts and photos. When you log into our control panel you will not be able to see your photos or contact data, but this means neither can we. Your privacy and security are important to us and we prove it every day.

GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 Launches for Android & Blackberry
Thursday, January 13, 2011

We’re really excited to announce the launch of GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3, our next generation applications for Android and Blackberry smartphones and tablets.

GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 takes the GadgetTrak service well beyond location tracking, adding several new security features, most notably remote backup and data wipe.

Key features include:

  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets: Built for each platform’s native capabilities to offer the best protection for the widest range of mobile devices.
  • Remotely wipe the device: Remotely wipe personal data stored on your device such as photos, email, contacts and SMS messages.
  • Secure data backup: Encrypt photos and contacts using government grade encryption (AES 256) and back them up in a secure location.
  • Advanced Positioning: Locate your device using a combination of GPS, cell tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi positioning, even if the device is indoors.
  • Tamper proof: Once activated, the app settings cannot be modified on the device and notifies if the SIM card changes.
  • Alarm: Trigger the device to emit a loud siren that can be a theft deterrent or help find a missing phone even if it is set to silent mode.

Mobile Security 3 joins the rest of the GadgetTrak family to allow you to protect all of your Mac and Windows laptops, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry devices.

GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 is now available. Try it out Free for 30 days and just $19.95 / year afterward.

CNET: GadgetTrak offers mobile theft protection
Thursday, January 13, 2011

LAS VEGAS–Unfortunately for those of us who prefer to believe in the innate goodness of our fellow humans, the fact is that not all people are brimming with common decency. Theft of mobile devices is not an uncommon occurrence, especially with the rising prevalence of expensive gadgets in the general populace. And with all the information stored on smartphones these days, including confidential company e-mail and personal finance apps, its even more important to protect your device from unsavory characters.

Enter GadgetTrak Mobile Security, which has revved to version 3 just in time for CES 2011. Along with its companion apps, this handy service provides comprehensive protection for laptops, smartphones, and tablets in the event they’re lost or stolen.

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GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 Delivers the Best Loss, Theft and Data Protection Available for Smartphones
Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Latest technology advances make GadgetTrak the only cross-platform, comprehensive tracking and recovery software available for laptops, smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices

LAS VEGAS and PORTLAND, Ore. – January 5, 2010 – ActiveTrak Inc. (, producer of loss and theft recovery software for mobile devices, today announced the availability of GadgetTrak® Mobile Security 3, the most advanced device and data protection service available for smartphones and media tablets.

A significant update to its mobile security offerings, GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 leverages ActiveTrak’s award-winning tracking technology. GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 adds important new security features, including remote backup and data wipe, to its acclaimed tracking technology for lost or stolen smartphones and tablets. GadgetTrak Mobile Security 3 is tamper proof, preventing thieves from modifying the application settings or avoiding being tracked by simply removing the SIM card.

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