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GadgetTrak® Now Bundled With AppleCare, Warranty Plans
Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We’re overjoyed to announce that GadgetTrak is now being bundled with AppleCare and with other extended warranty and service plans from select retailers.

For example, The Mac Store is bundling GadgetTrak with their iCare plan, which offers a number of nifty solutions for new Mac buyers.

GadgetTrak is also being bundled with laptop warranties sold by Computer Warranty Services and with AppleCare service plans sold by MacForce.

Watch this space for a cool Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale we’re working on as well… Until then, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

Laptop and Mobile Device Theft Account for 54% of Medical Data Breaches
Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Given the number of laptops, tablet computers and other devices that are used in healthcare that contain and have access to sensitive data, it is no surprise that HHS ( Health & Human Services) official Adam Greene confirmed laptops and mobile device theft as the most common source of health data breaches in healthcare. Since last year when reporting of data breaches became mandatory, 189 breaches have been reported, with 54% involving a computer or mobile phone ( 24% laptops, 16% desktop computers, 14% mobile phones).

During a discussion I had with our friends at ID Experts I was shocked to learn how medical identity theft can mean more than just financial consequences. If someone else is receiving medical services under your profile and as a result the wrong blood type is listed on your records the results could be life threatening. I also discovered that medical ID data on the black market can be worth quite a bit more than a Social Security number.

If this information was not shocking enough, a major data breach at Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit has put thousands of patients at risk. An unsecured laptop was stolen from an unlocked office urology office on September 24th.

Ryan Leslie Offers $1M for Recovery of Stolen Laptop
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Every day we hear stories of laptop and mobile phone theft, it occurs more often than people would like to think. Celebrity laptops are particularly hot targets, not just for the value of the device but also their contents, be it personal photos, or even intellectual property such as scripts, music and other priceless items. R&B singer Ryan Leslie knows this pain all too well. During his tour a bag containing his laptop, hard drive, $10,000 in cash and passport went missing in Cologne, Germany. As the laptop and hard drive contained “invaluable intellectual property” he is offering a $1,000,000 reward for its return, here is a video with his plea and some footage of his entourage interacting with security:

Many celebrities use GadgetTrak software for this very reason. Our software is on tour with quite a few musicians, many big names you would know, as well as actors and other professionals. The fact that we not only allow them the ability to track stolen devices, but can do so without a back door into their systems are key reasons they have placed their trust in us.

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