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GadgetTrak 3.0.4 is out!
Friday, September 17, 2010

Just some minor bug fixes in this one. We recommend installing it, nonetheless…

You can get the update on our Download page.


The Cloud & Your Privacy
Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cloud computing and SaaS ( Software as a Service) has revolutionized the web and how we interact with computers. Off-loading applications and our data to the Internet makes things more convenient and scalable. However, with this convenience comes a trade-off in terms of privacy and security; by its very nature these architectures store more of our personal information on servers outside of our personal or even IT administrator’s control.

Although most providers of online tools go to great lengths to protect data and servers from outside hackers, there is little done to protect your data from employees who manage data. The recent privacy breach by Google Engineer David Barksdale reveals the dangers of the cloud and entrusting sensitive data with corporations. Mr. Barksdale allegedly used his position as a key engineer to break into Gmail and Google voice accounts of several teens. Google fired him once they learned of the issue after parents of children complained to Google regarding the issue.

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