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The Real Value of Your Mobile Device
Monday, May 31, 2010

Think about all of the battery-operated, data-storing devices you have… From your MacBook Pro that contains all of your financial documents and pictures of your kids to your BlackBerry with all of your contacts and calendar data, you probably rely more on mobile devices that you ever thought you would.

No, ask yourself… What if you left even one of these on an airplane or had it stolen when you got up to grab a napkin at the coffee shop?

How much is each of these devices worth? $300? $3000? $300,000 when you factor in the data? Priceless?

This blog post isn’t meant to scare you. The point is that we put a lot of faith into our devices, and we rarely put much thought into their security.

In 2008, the Ponemon Institute estimated that 12,000 notebooks were stolen from US airports every week. According to FBI statistics, only 3% of all unprotected lost or stolen computers are ever recovered. That’s 11,640 notebooks lost or stolen and never recovered each week (605,280 per year!). Statistically speaking, we’re probably all going to have a mobile device leave our possession at some point.

As consumers, we can’t do much to prevent mobile device theft. As we become more diligent, the thieves become craftier. The only real protection is to do what we can to track the device once its stolen, and report this info to the police in the hopes that they can recover it.

We created GadgetTrak with the belief that the best way to protect yourself and your devices is to somehow track them once they’ve been stolen. To that end, we’ve worked with law enforcement professionals from all over to figure out the best way to report the data they need to increase the chances that the devices are recovered. From all of this research, GadgetTrak was born.

Each time your device is tracked, it provides valuable location data. This data can then be passed along to police. And since the kind of data we report is exactly what the police need, our recovery rate is well over 95%.

Think about it… Your chances of recovering your notebook go from 3% to over 95% just by installing a relatively inexpensive monitoring application.

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