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Pennsylvania Lower Merion Park Laptop Spying Case – Our Take
Thursday, April 22, 2010

Like many of you, we get upset when we read about things like this:


Unfortunately, the actions of a few bad folks can kill the best intentions of others who try to do the right things. This is true in many areas, including mobile device security.

The bottom line is that, if these allegations are true, someone was given access to systems they shouldn’t have. The implementation of the tracking technology is the culprit, not the technology itself.

We should point out that GadgetTrak was not the solution installed on these laptops. Our software can work in similar ways, but we specifically advise a more conservative approach to tracking. For example, we do not support the taking and sending of screenshots, as we feel that this is a violation of privacy and might even be illegal under current wiretap laws.

Unfortunately, when something like this Pennsylvania case happens, all of us who are in this market are held accountable.

We’ve actually turned down requests for organizations who wished to use GadgetTrak technology in this way. We are a rare bird in our industry are we are quite transparent about how our technology works and one of the few that actually lets people test the software out to see how it works and the data it collects. You would be shocked to learn what some other companies have access to on your systems, some use keyloggers, take screenshots etc. We believe that through transparency and allowing people to understand the technology they are in a better position to decide how and where their data goes.

Hopefully, this debate will continue and shed some positive light on a serious problem. We’d love to hear comments on this. Please email us if you would like to voice your opinion or have a question.

GadgetTrak To The Rescue
Monday, April 19, 2010

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