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Yahoo Tech Guide – How you can recover your laptop if it’s ever stolen with GadgetTrak
Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Yahoo Tech wrote a great guide titled┬á “How you can recover your laptop if it’s ever stolen” featuring GadgetTrak.

The company also offers MacTrak for Mac laptop owners, which is a little different than the one I mentioned earlier for Windows PCs. MacTrak makes use of whatever Wi-Fi networks are within the laptop’s range in order to locate it within 10-20 metres. The website even gives you the chance to type in an address to see if it’s covered by the software. Generally speaking, it covers major urban centres in North America, Europe and Asia.

But a really cool thing it does is utilize the Mac’s built-in iSight Webcam to snap images of whomever is using your stolen computer. The images are automatically uploaded to your Flickr account every 30 minutes, along with the location and data. If you don’t have a Flickr account, then fear not because it also sends the images and info to your email address as well.

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