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MSN CANADA – “Should you opt for a laptop recovery solution?”
Sunday, November 30, 2008

MSN Canada did a write up featuring GadgetTrak and LoJack for Laptops  titled “Should you opt for a laptop recovery solution?”.  We agree with the article’s position regarding the value of the data, which is a key reason we  made GadgetTrak Search & Destroy available. Small businesses are particularly susceptible to the threats posed by stolen laptops and the risks associated with data breaches.  Insurance may help with the value of a device, but no insurance can help recoup the costs of the data on the device, particularly if it is customer or employee data.

Just ask Starbucks, who recently had to announce that 97,000 employee records were on a stolen laptop. What is the loss of trust worth to a company? If a company loses critical data such as Social Security numbers of their customers or employees there are considerable costs to the organization.  The cost of credit monitoring services  and legal fees are just the start, as in some of the cases a data breach can have criminal charges associated with it, if the company is proven negligent.  Then there is the lost of consumer trust and in the case of Starbucks, lowered employee morale in an already gloomy holiday season thanks to the current economic woes.

MacTrak Available In Retail Stores
Wednesday, November 26, 2008

MacTrak will soon be available in retail stores across the United States, we started shipping shrink wrapped product this week just in time for Christmas.

Recovery: GadgetTrak Mobile Security Catches Phone Thief
Monday, November 24, 2008

A customer in Anchorage,  Alaska had his phone stolen, luckily he had installed GadgetTrak Mobile Security on the device.  Today he has his stolen phone back and the mobile thief is behind bars. Here is is his story:

I own an AT&T Tilt. Recently it was stolen, 3 days later the thief was in jail and I had my phone back. I was working out at the Alaska Club and some one broke into my locker and stole everything I had in there, my wallet, car keys, cell phone, and a birthday present that I had bought for my 2 year old son.

Prior to all of this I had purchased GadgetTrak,  and had it installed to my AT&T Tilt cell phone. I had set up the software and everything so that it would alert my wife as well as my more “private” email account when ever it was turned on.

I gave the information to the Anchorage Police Department that I was getting from the phone (via SMS) to my email account, as well as the GPS positioning of the phone, and the APD was able to locate and collect my phone from the thief as well as arrest him. We are now awaiting our court date to finalize the charges. Sadly the APD was not able to recover the birthday present that I had bought for my son, but at least they were able to put another THIEF behind bars where they belong.

According to the thief he had no idea that the phone was being tracked. The APD has linked him to several other thefts from other Alaska Club locations.

The ONLY reason I am endorsing this product is that it worked, I got my phone back, and the person that stole it was arrested.

- Phil (Anchorage, Alaska)

4 Mac Security Apps Compared – GadgetTrak
Friday, November 21, 2008

The Apple Blog did a review of four security products for your Mac and MacTrak held up quite well, you could even say it took the prize in comparison.

MacTrak for OS X is heralded as “the most advanced theft recovery solution available for Apple systems”.

The software is activated by logging into your account and clicking a button to activate tracking. The next time your Mac connects to the Internet the software will activate and start sending you emails with the specific location and network environment of the system, as well as use the camera to take a photo of who is using the system every 30 minutes.

Some of the extra features offered by MacTrak are:

  • Wi-Fi Positioning: The ability to accurately pinpoint the location of your Mac through analyzing Wi-Fi networks
  • Flickr Integration: Social media at its best. Photos taken every 30 minutes are uploaded to Flickr with location details
  • Network Information: It also collects network information to provide to authorities

It is priced at $60 — a one off payment which doesn’t need renewing every year. It’s transferrable between computers.

MacTrak From GadgetTrak Getting Great Reviews
Thursday, November 20, 2008

It has been a busy few weeks with the launch of MacTrak, the response has been phenomenal, once people try the software they have been pretty amazed at the accuracy of the location as well as the automatic and fast Flickr upload. Several top Mac publications have been reviewing the product as well, all have been very favorable:

iPod loyalists: They’d rather fight than ditch
Saturday, November 15, 2008

I was quoted quite a bit in a follow up article from Globe and Mail to the stabbing of Mr. Oathway for his iPod. The article discusses the number of people who are willing to fight for their iPods, or other devices, as well as hearing from a number of people who have been mugged for their devices.

I don’t think I can state this enough, no object is worth your life, or even getting injured, or even risking personal injury or death. If your are approached by someone and they tell you to give you your gadget, give it to them. You do not know if they have a weapon and if your defiance will instigate an attack. If you can run, do it, but if you do not think you can get away it is better to give them the gadget and run. Follow up with police, let them get the device back for you.

Ottowa Teen Murdered For iPod
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A man was stabbed to death today for his iPod today, a knife-wielding youth cornered Michael Oatway in the last row of a city bus and demanded he hand over an iPod, Oatway refused and was stabbed. A  17 year old youth took a butterfly knife from one of his friends and demanded that Mr. Oatway turn over the device which he had borrowed from his girlfriend earlier in the day. Apparently Mr. Oatway stated “I can’t do that” and a struggle ensued and Mr. Oatway was stabbed in the chest and died on the scene.

No object is worth your life. If you are mugged give them whatever they want, never resist especially when weapons are involved. The best thing to do when confronted in a situation like this is to hand over what they are asking for and run. An iPod or other object can be replaced, you can’t.


GadgetTrak Mobile Security Reviewed – Veja Magazine Brazil
Tuesday, November 4, 2008

GadgetTrak® Mobile Security received a great review this past week in Veja Magazine in Brazil. Veja has a distribution of over 1 million subscribers. For those whose Portuguese is a little rusty, here is a translation for your convenience:

Software evaluated: GadgetTrak [Mobile Security] (

Where can be installed: Mobile Phones

Objective: To erase the data stored and help locate the unit

How it works: The software provides different codes that, when sent through cellular text messages can delete data, lock the device and trigger an alarm. If the thief inserts a new SIM card, the program also records the new number and refers to an e-mail chosen. If your phone has GPS, the software that tells your location

Comments from experts: Of the products we looked at for mobile phones GadgetTrak  us the most complete solution. It also has the advantage of  not requiring a central monitoring center and allows you full access. It is a guarantee that no one else will have access to data stored on your device.

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