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GadgetTrak for Mac Beta
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We are happy to announce the beta release of GadgetTrak® for Mac. GadgetTrak’s patent-pending GadgetTrak® for Mac is the most advanced theft recovery solution available for Apple systems. GadgetTrak® for Mac utilizes advanced Wi-Fi location technology to provide you with the specific location of where you stolen device is with 10-20 meters of accuracy. GadgetTrak® for Mac also utilizes the built-in camera to capture images of the thief at set intervals and uploads them to your Flickr® account. If you are interested in participating in our beta contact us using our contact form.

GadgetTrak – Theft Recovery for the Amazon Kindle
Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oprah has recently announced the Amazon Kindle as her new favorite thing. With the Kindle’s small form factor and a  price of  $349 the device will be hot targets for thieves this holiday season.

GadgetTrak USB is compatible with the Kindle device and allows Kindle owners to track down their device if it is stolen. When a Kindle is stolen and a thief connects it to a PC, the Kindle device converts to a mass storage device, when this partition is accessed the GadgetTrak software is activated. GadgetTrak will utilize the host system the Kindle is connected to and use its internet connection to check the GadgetTrak server to see if you have flagged the device as stolen, if you have GadgetTrak will gather infromation from the system including the name of the person logged on, internal network information, IP address, ISP information, location and more. This data can be provided to law enforcement to recover the device and is filed along with a police report.

Stolen911 Back Online
Saturday, October 25, 2008 is back online after a bit of downtime while they made some upgrades to their systems. Stolen911 is an  online database of stolen property, if your device has been stolen you can register it on their site, this provides a resource for buyers (eBay, Craigs List etc), law enforcement and pawn shops to check serial numbers of electronics and other objects that they may come across.

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