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Strong global demand for mobile phones
Monday, April 28, 2008

Consultancy firm Strategy Analytics says 282 million handsets were shipped worldwide in the first three months of 2008, up 14% from a year ago.

Handset market share

Nokia 40.9%

Samsung 16.4%

Motorola 9.7%

LG Electronics 8.6%

Sony Ericsson 7.9%

Others 16.4%

Source: Strategy Analytics

 Source: BBC

GPS devices lure thieves – Philadelphia Inquirer
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some companies are now producing software for theft protection that can track the whereabouts of units, and some manufacturers are requiring that codes be entered before the system can be activated.

“If someone steals your GPS device, they’ve stolen more than just your device,” said Ken Westin, chief executive officer of GadgetTrak, in Portland, Ore. “It has your home address and where you’ve been for the past week.”

Philadelphia Inquirer

GadgetTrak On Slashdot
Monday, April 21, 2008

There was a recent post on Slashdot this past weekend which listed GadgetTrak along side a few other companies that develop theft recovery software. I am a huge Slashdot fan, mainly because the readers/commenters do not pull any punches, they are geeks geeks, meaning they know technology. One key difference between GadgetTrak and these other solutions became quite apparent in the comments, as many security and IT folks in the know understand the security ramifications of the “traditional approach” to theft recovery, whereby a back-door is essentially installed into the system. The comments regarding one solution backs up why we feel this approach should be avoided:

What I find is interesting: A program that installs without my permission or knowledge, takes orders from a 3rd party (up to and including “wipe the hard drive”), and actively resists removal. The sales rep at MPC/Gateway got the XXXXX rep on the phone and they both claim that it isn’t a virus. Okay, fine, it doesn’t self-replicate. Seems to fit darn near every other part of the definition! Their tech-support guy ordered the two computers to disable their BIOS component and uninstall [remotely], which THEY DID! The files in C:WindowsSystem32 vanished before my eyes.

Gateway/MPC doesn’t seem to understand my frustration. We spend so much time and money securing our computers and making sure they run only the software we WANT them to run. Now you want me to feel safe with a BIOS-level program that copies itself to FAT32/NTFS partitions and tricks Windows OSes into executing it? This same program that calls a 3rd party and requests instructions? I know of only three instructions it can accept, but what if there are others? (“Stolen, check in every 15 minutes”, “Stolen, wipe hard drive”, “Disable and uninstall” we know of)

“Drive it like you stole it!” GadgetTrak Sponsors The Oregon Trail Rally
Friday, April 18, 2008

We are excited to announce that GadgetTrak is a proud sponsor of this years Oregon Trail Rally. Expected entrants include defending Rally America champion and extreme sport icon Travis Pastrana, DC shoes founder Ken Block, BMX legend Dave Mirra, Formula D champion Tanner Foust, and some of the fastest rally drivers and co-drivers in North America. GadgetTrak will have a booth at the fan event at Pioneer Square in Portland Oregon on the 16th as well as at Portland International Raceway for the first stage of the rally.

For more information on the race visit
. See you at the races!

Here is some great footage from last year’s event:

Stolen iPods, Cell Phones And Gun Found In High School Locker
Saturday, April 12, 2008

A gun and stolen iPods and cell phones were found Thursday in the locker of an Orange County high school student, school officials said.The West Orange High School student, who has not been identified, will receive a mandatory 10-day suspension and expulsion, school officials said.

This goes to show you that in some cases when stolen gadgets are stolen, it is not just the stolen device that is returned, but larger crimes and other stolen property can be discovered.

Kim Komando Show – GPS & GadgetTrak
Saturday, April 12, 2008

GadgetTrak was mentioned on the Kim Komando show on a recent feature on GPS theft and how to protect your devices “Protect GPS units from thieves“.

SanDisk – Flash Drive Use Underestimated In The Enterprise
Friday, April 11, 2008

According to SanDisk about 77 per cent of surveyed employees use flash drives at work. When corporate IT leaders were asked to estimate the number of employees they thought used personal flash drives, on average they said only 35 per cent.

Respondents also said that data they were most likely to copy onto a memory stick includes customer records (25 per cent), financial information (17 per cent), business plans (15 per cent), employee records (13 per cent), marketing plans (13 per cent), intellectual property (6 per cent) and source code (6 per cent).

The survey indicated that approximately one in ten end-users reported finding a flash drive in a public place. When asked to pick the three most likely actions they would take if they found a memory stick in public, 55 per cent said they would view the data.

GadgetTrak protects flash drives by both enabling “good people” to get in touch with the owner of the device, as well as track the devices down when they are accessed.

Source: The Register 

CBS Evening News: “New Directions In Combating GPS Thefts” With GadgetTrak
Sunday, April 6, 2008

GadgetTrak founder Ken Westin was interviewed by CBS Evening News for  this evenings story titled “New Directions In Combating GPS Thefts“.

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