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AOL “How to Keep Your Gadgets From Getting Stolen” – GadgetTrak
Thursday, January 31, 2008

GadgetTrak was featured in today’s “Switched” section of AOL today. In the article they listed the top five most stolen gadgets including iPods, laptops, cell phones, GPS devices and car stereos. GadgetTrak was listed as an anti-theft solution to 4 of the 5 devices listed.

For iPods

Install tracking software, such as GadgetTrak. When connected to a computer, the software on your stolen device sends all the robber’s computer information, including username, ISP, network address and more back to the company, which can very well lead to recovery.

For laptops

Again, install tracking software or access blocking software. Remote Laptop Security lets you block access to specific files from anywhere, which comes in handy for sensitive information. Companies like LoJack and GadgetTrak can even locate your computer based on its internet use.

For cell phones

GadgetTrak, again. The company uses the same technology for phones that connect to computers via USB. If an unauthorized SIM card is placed in the phone, the software sends a text message to predetermined numbers telling you the new phone number and subscriber information.

For GPS devices

Again, GadgetTrak offers software for this.

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