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AOL “How to Keep Your Gadgets From Getting Stolen” – GadgetTrak
Thursday, January 31, 2008

GadgetTrak was featured in today’s “Switched” section of AOL today. In the article they listed the top five most stolen gadgets including iPods, laptops, cell phones, GPS devices and car stereos. GadgetTrak was listed as an anti-theft solution to 4 of the 5 devices listed.

For iPods

Install tracking software, such as GadgetTrak. When connected to a computer, the software on your stolen device sends all the robber’s computer information, including username, ISP, network address and more back to the company, which can very well lead to recovery.

For laptops

Again, install tracking software or access blocking software. Remote Laptop Security lets you block access to specific files from anywhere, which comes in handy for sensitive information. Companies like LoJack and GadgetTrak can even locate your computer based on its internet use.

For cell phones

GadgetTrak, again. The company uses the same technology for phones that connect to computers via USB. If an unauthorized SIM card is placed in the phone, the software sends a text message to predetermined numbers telling you the new phone number and subscriber information.

For GPS devices

Again, GadgetTrak offers software for this.

External Hard Drive Containing 38, 000 Personal Records Stolen At Georgetown
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

An external computer hard drive  was stolen from the Office of Student Affairs  at Georgetown University  on January 3, 2008.  The hard drive contained sensitive personal information belonging to current and former students, faculty and staff. Had GadgetTrak USB been installed on this drive, when it was connected and accessed on a new computer it would have sent information regarding its location and  who had it. The drive was also NOT encrypted, all drives containing sensitive information such as this should be encrypted without question. 

Source:NBC Channel News story 

Stolen Powerbook Contains Priceless Photos
Friday, January 25, 2008

Stolen A.P.B. & Stolen 911 has received a request from Michelle Ronsen of San Francisco. Sometime between December 19th and the 29th, Michelle’s Telegraph Hill home was burglarized. A report was made to San Francisco PD. Many items were taken, but the most significant to Michelle was her Apple Mac Powerbook G4 laptop. The Powerbook contained the last living photographs of Michelle’s father who passed away two years earlier. Unfortunately, there are no backup files of the photographs. Because of this, Michelle is offing a $2500 dollar reward and no questions asked. The photographs of her father are priceless and 2500 dollars is almost three times the street lever price for the powerbook. Michelle is hoping that someone may have purchased the powerbook not realizing it was stolen. The laptop is a silver aluminum 1.5 GHZ Apple Mac Powerbook G4 with a 15” screen. It was password protected for loading new or upgrading existing software. The last seven of the serial number is 5 Zero A B R G V. The Apple part number is M 9 6 8 5 L L / A.

They are offering a $2,500 reward for its recovery. If you know anything or can provide any tips contact them.

GadgetTrak Available Through
Wednesday, January 23, 2008

We are pleased to announce that select GadgetTrak products are now available through, with more to follow. Shrink wrapped editions of our software will be made available through starting this week, providing our customers with another way to purchase our products.

A List Of 160 Stolen iPods … And Growing
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 has a list of over 160 stolen iPods listed on their site…and growing.

I had a chance to talk with the founder of Stolen911 Marc Hinch at MacWorld. He is a police officer from the Bay Area simply fed up with the amount of stolen property out there. He started the site as a free stolen good repository, which has quickly gained popularity as as more devices such as iPods, laptops, cell phones and other gadgets are stolen.

Stockton NHS loses 4,000 records on memory stick
Monday, January 21, 2008

The personal medical records of 4,000 NHS patients have been lost by Stockport Primary Care Trust, but health managers have chosen not to inform the individuals involved. The incident has only come to light under conditions set by the Freedom of Information act in the UK.

The records were on a USB stick clipped round the neck of an NHS employee before they were lost. They contained the names, dates of birth and details of medical conditions of patients of Stockport Primary Care Trust, as well as their NHS and trust numbers and details of their GPs.

Stockport PCT chief executive Richard Popplewell said steps were taken to search for the device by retracing the path of the staff member. But it has not been found.

Had GadgetTrak been installed on the device notifications with recovery information would have been sent to the IT administrator, which would not only assist in recovering the device, but also help identify if the data has been used in a malicious way.

Source: – Endpoint Security News

GadgetTrak Featured In MacWorld Developer’s Showcase – Feb 08
Monday, January 21, 2008

GadgetTrak and BAK2u are featured in the February edition of MacWorld in the “Developer Showcase” (page 131).

“They’re small, expensive and easy to steal. GadgetTrak and BAK2u provide anti-theft software that identifies where your gadget is, who stole it and even what they’re wearing.”

We had several Mac publications speak with us at MacWorld who were interested in our product, we are hoping to see more reviews in the next few months.

One key question that was asked throughout the MacWorld at our booth was how our Mac anti-theft solution differed from other theft recovery solutions. The main difference between our Mac solution and other theft recovery solutions is that the information collected is between you and your email account, we do not actively monitor your system, when you need assistance you can forward the email on to us to work with the authorities in the recovery of the device. GadgetTrak Verey is also designed specifically for the Mac environment and not a port from a PC application, as such we utilize Mac specific hardware such as the built in iSight camera to capture video of thieves.

These key differentiators really made an impact at the show, particularly amongst the Mac fanatics. The fact that we offer such a unique and revolutionary product that is designed not just for Mac hardware, but also Mac users who are more conscious of privacy concerns than you average computer user.

Police: Target Workers Steal $30K In iPods
Sunday, January 20, 2008

Four Target employees were arrested Tuesday, accused of stealing $30,000 worth of iPods from a regional distribution center in Phoenix. Phoenix police said Target officials contacted them on Jan. 11 to report the missing merchandise. Investigators determined that four men who worked on the loading docks at the distribution center were smuggling the iPods from the docks, according to police.

Mass iPod theft from retailers has become a rising occurance, given their small size, high price point and easy fencing on the street.

GadgetTrak Testimonial
Wednesday, January 16, 2008

We had a great testimonial today from a GadgetTrak customer who alos happens to be a Security Analyst:

“I am a Network Security Specialist and use GadgetTrak on my macbook. This application is perfect for my needs because the recorded information is sent straight to me. There are a lot of security applications for the Mac but I have yet to see any that actually let the customer know its working!. GadgetTrak Verey is a breath of fresh air!” – Dustin Webber, Kansas

It is interesting that Mr. Webber mentions “air”. While here at MacWorld we were able to get our hands on the new MacBook Air ultra-thin notebook. It is a very interesting device, with quite a steep price tag, starting at $1,800 up to $3,000 for the solid state hard drive. An ultra-portable device with a high price tag, sounds like a new magnet for thieves! GadgetTrak Verey will support the new device perfectly, enabling owners to protect their device in case it is stolen.

MacVoices Interviews GadgetTrak Founder Ken Westin
Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ken Westin, the founder of GadgetTrak, talks with Chuck Joiner of MacVoices about how their software helps deter Mac and iPod theft , and can help you recover your hardware if it is stolen:


With GadgetTrak, your Mac can send you photos and even video of of the thief and then lock it down so your data is protected. Law enforcement has been receptive to GadgetTrak, and Ken covers why their software can do more than just identify a laptop or iPod thief, and how that can be a deterrent to thieves. Even if you have non-Apple hardware, GadgetTrak has you covered; Ken talks about how the other versions of their software provide the same theft deterrent and recovery options.
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