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iPod Theft Recovery – Newmarket Ontario
Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another successful device recovery,  this time in Newmarket, Ontario.  A victim of iPod theft gets their device back thanks to GadgetTrak. One of GadgetTrak’s customers purchased a 5 device subscription and had a device to spare, so he installed it on his friend’s iPod. The friend’s iPod was recently stolen at his school.  Within a short amount of time a connection was made and GadgetTrak was able to collect evidence related to who had the device.

The information GadgetTrak collected was provided to school officials who confronted the individual believed to have stolen the iPod based on the GadgetTrak evidence. The iPod suspect was carrying the iPod at the time and the serial number matched the serial number of the device registered with GadgetTrak.  The device was returned too its rightful owner.

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