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Gadgets Left On Airplanes
Monday, April 30, 2007

An interesting article in the Dallas News regarding the rising frequency of gadgets being left on airplanes. Many travelers carry quite a few gadgets with them on airplanes nowadays to entertain themselves, or business purposes. A spokesperson for Continental Airlines stated that the most commonly left behind item on airplanes nowadays are iPods.

It was with this in mind that in addition to our electronic tracking system we also send labels to our customers with special codes on them. This allows our customers an added layer of protection, as not everyone is a thief and by using this system airline personnel can easily get in touch with the device owner. Another benefit of the code is that the owner of the device does not need to engrave contact details in case the device is stolen, it helps prevent identity theft for our customers.

GadgetTrak Integrations
Thursday, April 26, 2007

Interested in integrating our patent-pending GadgetTrak agent software with your technology? We can help. If you currently have an application that runs from a USB flash drive, or are a USB hardware manufacturer interested in utilizing our technology,  we can easily integrate with existing applications.  If you would like to learn more regarding our integration program please contact us.

GadgetTrak Expands Device Support – Tom Tom GPS Systems
Thursday, April 12, 2007

GadgetTrak has expanded the list of devices supported. In addition to iPods, USB flash drives, SD memory cards and select cell phone models, GadgetTrak now also supports the Tom Tom One GPS system. Whenever the device is connected to a PC the GadgetTrak agent will be activated and communicate with the GadgetTrak server.

100 Million iPods Sold – More To Steal
Monday, April 9, 2007

Today Apple announced that they sold 100 million iPods since 2001. As Apple has been selling more of these devices they have been getting smaller and easier to lose as well as easier to steal.  Even though iTunes communicates the serial numbers of iPod devices connected to systems, they have yet to come up with a solution to iPod theft. Thousands of iPods are stolen every year and the numbers are increasing and not just casual theft, but violent crimes such as muggings and assault over these small gadgets.GadgetTrak is currently the only active tracking solution available to help you get your devices back.

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